Medical Ethics
Waking Up Blind


True medical crime thriller. Lies, cover-ups, lawsuits at major academic center after insurance fraud, wrong eye surgeries, and blindness. A riveting tale into the dark side of medicine.

The Business of Medicine
The Business Side of Medicine


You know medicine but do you know business? This book will show you how to run your practice to achieve more income, more success and less stress.

“Waking Up Blind: Lawsuits over Eye Surgery is a riveting, true story that reads like a novel. While my novels deal with fictional medical disasters, Harbin spins a devastating, real-life account that will make the reader forever wary of the charming, super doctor.”
Robin Cook, Author of Coma and Outbreak“Excellent advice for all stages of a career in medicine. I truly wish this had been available to me when I finished training.”
David a. Durfee, MD, renowned practice management expert